Batteries Included

Lyon Solar is making a splash with the roll out of the world’s first grid-connected, large scale solar + battery storage projects, right here in Australia.

Essential has provided communications and stakeholder engagement support to Lyon since July 2016, announcing a 100 megawatt solar power station connected to 100 megawatts of battery storage at Roxby Downs in South Australia. A second project almost as large has also been announced in Lakeland, North Queensland.

The projects help solve one of the most significant barriers to further deployment of renewable energy in Australia, by addresses the intermittency of renewable energy power – storing solar energy generated during the day for use at other times. The projects also help avoid massive network upgrade costs.

With significant interest in large scale battery storage flowing from media coverage on the issue, Essential also organised government engagement for Lyon, and high-level stakeholder Roundtables in Melbourne and Adelaide.

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